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Help us solve, 'The Mystery Tool'

Do you recognize this tool? This Japanese tool is part of the East Asian collection at the Spurlock Museum of World Cultures at the University of Illinois (   The 30.7 cm long (height) tool weighs 216 g, was used by east Asian laborers. and dates from 1900 to 1959. The tool can be seen from several angles by clicking here. 

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Blade changes aim to reduce wood machining noise levels

As woodworking factories and shops get busier, they are also getting noisier - largely a function of saw blades and cutting tools doing their duties.
The high noise emissions of circular saws is one area of particular concern, since the frequency of even and idling saw blade spinning can damage hearing - and is unpleasant both for operators and their colleagues.

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How to Put a Round Peg in a Round Hole? Plug Cutters

Filling a roundish hole in a plank is a not-uncommon requirement: covering screw holes, knot holes, or reclaimed wood accompanied by cuts for plumbing and heating, can present boards that need something beyond wood filler - they need a plug. Here are four tools we've run across, and a bit about a project involving hole plugging.