Blade changes aim to reduce wood machining noise levels

As woodworking factories and shops get busier, they are also getting noisier - largely a function of saw blades and cutting tools doing their duties.
The high noise emissions of circular saws is one area of particular concern, since the frequency of even and idling saw blade spinning can damage hearing - and is unpleasant both for operators and their colleagues.

How to Put a Round Peg in a Round Hole? Plug Cutters

Filling a roundish hole in a plank is a not-uncommon requirement: covering screw holes, knot holes, or reclaimed wood accompanied by cuts for plumbing and heating, can present boards that need something beyond wood filler - they need a plug. Here are four tools we've run across, and a bit about a project involving hole plugging.

Cutting Tool Enhances Dust Collection

The Turbine System utilizes the spinning force of the tooling to amplify air movement up and away from the cutting surface. Ideal for both standard router applications and nested-based processing, the Turbine System will greatly enhance tool life and product quality, resulting in greater productivity. The Turbine System will also improve workplace cleanliness, improving both safety and employee satisfaction.

Work Smarter with Leitz's New Tooling Technology

Leitz Tooling is developing the first generation of “smart tools.” By integrating a data chip in the tool body, operators and production managers gain the ability to review information on critical production values; tool dimensions, cutting geometry, RPM, feed rate, performance times, servicing cycles and much more.

Leitz Says Its Saw Blades Minimize Tear Out

Leitz Tooling says its new “Premium” line of horizontal panel saw blades includes laser ornaments in the blade body filled with a special polymer for the maximum in vibration damping and accuracy.