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Wealth from Waste - with Jeff Wagner

Will Sampson talks about how wealth can be found in what some view as waste, and his guest is Jeff Wagner, executive chairman of CalPlant, a company that is transforming rice straw, a waste product of rice farming, into high-quality medium density fiberboard panel products for the woodworking industry.

Learn how to automate 3D models for router and saw optimization

ORLANDO -- Programming multiple CNC machines and integrating routers, point-to-point machines and saws can be challenging and time-consuming. CIM-TECH and Woodworking Network will present a webinar on Wednesday, November 10 at 2 p.m. Eastern detailing how having one integrated software solution can efficiently streamline your process and increase your productivity. According to Kenny Belfatto, national sales manager for CIM-TECH, using Saw-CIM allows the 3D output from CIM-TECH to be filtered to a saw, router or point-to-point machine via ARDIS software.

Open books and employee ownership - with Ted Hall

Will Sampson talks about business transparency and sharing financial information with your employees. His guest is Ted Hall, founder of the innovative CNC manufacturer ShopBot, a company that just recently converted to an Employee Ownership Trust.

The robots are here - with Derek Degeest

Will Sampson talks about new advances in robotic technology including an interview with Derek Degeest, president of Lesta USA, which is marketing self-learning robots to the finishing industry. This episode was recorded live at the AWFS Fair.

Trustworthy advice with Kenneth Kumph

Kenneth Kumph was interviewed by Will Sampson at AWFS Fair 2021 for the Woodworking Network PodcastWill Sampson talks about the important role trustworthy advice plays in a successful business and then interviews the new president o

Are you ready for additive manufacturing with Ronald Rael

Will Sampson talks about a new way of woodworking and a new way of thinking called additive manufacturing. His guest is Ronald Rael, professor of architecture at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and co-inventor of Forust, a new 3D printing wood product from a company called Desktop Metal. This episode of the Woodworking Network Podcast was sponsored by the Executive Briefing Conference, being held September 8-10, 2021, at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO.