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What happened to the family business - with Nick Stoltzfus

Episode Summary Will Sampson muses about how difficult it is to maintain a family business in today’s economy. His guest is Nick Stoltzfus, president of Keystone Wood Specialties, a manufacturer of wood products for cabinetry in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Nick recently took over management of the company from his late father and founder of Keystone, Sam Stoltzfus.

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Brazilian rosewood: Highly prized but highly restricted

Brazilian rosewood, also called jacaranda, is perhaps one of the most beautiful woods in the world. However, extensive harvesting over the past three centuries has virtually eliminated this tree from the Brazilian forests, so that today it is not supposed to be harvested. The only material that can be sold legally is old stock; such material has to display a CITES Certificate, noting special approval. As might be expected, the wood is expensive.

Wood Explorer

American holly: One of the whitest woods known

American holly, the state tree of Delaware, is a fantastic tree, with brilliant red berries and dark green leaves that are popular decorations during the Christmas season, but it is mostly known in woodworking circles as one of the whitest woods known.