Custom walnut table features scaled 3D model of construction site

CALGARY, Alberta - Ryan Haasen's custom board room table is a sight to behold.
The nearly 15-foot long table features a detailed 3D diorama of a construction site sandwiched between two live-edge walnut slabs. The table weighs around 1,500 pounds.
Haasen, a woodworker in his spare time, built the table for Canadian construction firm Blue-Con Excavating - the company he works for as a project manager.
"The purpose of this table this to demonstrate the pride and passion that the Blue-Con team has for the work that they do," Haasen writes. "I look forward to the conversations, brainstorming, and problem solving, that will happen around this table for many years to come."
The table has exploded in popularity on LinkedIn, pulling in more than 20,000 likes and 1,900 comments.
Haasen describes the build:
"I’ve never built a scale diorama before, so for weeks I had model railroad building magazines beside my bed that I studied to learn tips and tricks from the pros. I had to buy an airbrush and learn how to use it to make the equipment look muddy and weathered.
"The pipe under the table is actually a 16” PVC waterline that was incorporated to hide the electrical and the underside of the diorama, while also serving as a structural 'beam' to span between the concrete legs. I lucked out big time when I found the two slabs of walnut that were practically made for this design.
"Everything in the diorama is a technically correct as I could make it based on my experience, because I know the experts who sit around this table will point out anything that is incorrect (they will still find something I’m sure, it’s not perfect). I look forward to all the discussions, collaboration, and problem solving, that will happen around this able – that’s what it’s made for! Those who join us at the table will get a pretty clear understanding of what we do and passion that we have for doing it."
Haasen has also posted a video showcasing the build. Check it out below:

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