International Woodworking Fair 2018 -August 22-25, 2018 - is one of the top woodworking trade show in the world for the furniture manufacturing, architectural woodwork, custom and general woodworking industries. Read continuing coverage of news, materials, and technologies announced at the show at Woodworking Network:

In addition to comprehensive coverage of IWF on, FDMC Magazine and Closets & Organized Storage Magazine, Woodworking Network will produce three symposiums and the Leadership Forum on August 21, the day before IWF 2018 begins. Click on any of the sessions below for more information and to register:

As North America’s largest media channel in the wood manufacturing industries, Woodworking Network’s products are read by more than 100,000 woodworking professionals at more than 85,000 sites. The content in those products continually encourages attendance at and participation in IWF. Those marketing vehicles will help you reach every potential attendee, before, during and after the big event. Take advantage of all the opportunities that the Woodworking Network is creating for your company to get the absolute most out of this year’s largest woodworking event. 
For Exhibitors:  HERE is a complete checklist of marketing opportunities available for IWF via the Woodworking Network.




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