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The courage to fail

Nobody wants to fail. We’re shamed (usually unintentionally) starting as children until we develop an aversion to failure. Spilling the milk as a clumsy toddler turns into not applying for a promotion as our developing child minds become adult. We avoid failure, or rather, the chance of failure to protect ourselves from the degradation it might bring upon ourselves. If we don’t try, we don’t fail, and that’s the safest thing to do. 

The "work from home" shop

Imagine walking into a house and seeing mineral stained ceilings, half painted walls, and waterlogged plywood covered holes. Imagine exposed pipes, sagging conduit, and cobbled-together tangles of wire. Imagine cobwebs in the corners, and a thin layer of dust covering everything. Imagine clutter on top of, under, and around the furniture. Imagine bad lighting, harsh smells, and abrasive sounds. Imagine somber people glancing at you from the shadows. 

Fire yourself

We all derive self worth in different ways. We all need it and we all find ways to get it. Some of us use the dependence of our children, spouse, or pets as proof of our value. Some rely on the stares of pedestrians when driving past in their muscle car. Some of us convert likes or follows into worth. Some of us take on projects, and upon completion are rewarded. We use positions in politics, church, and organizations as tic marks proving our relevance to the world. This is no different in our industry and in your business.

The "Other" Competition (the real one)

When asked the simple question “Who is your competition?”, an astonishingly high number of business owners will respond with the “obviously right, WRONG answer”. If you’re a cabinet shop, I’d expect to hear you respond with the names of several local cabinet shops offering similar products and services. While technically that answer is right, it’s a limited view. The reality is, your company is competing with any company where the customer walks away with an experience… so, every company.
As an industry, we compete against Apple, Uber, DoorDash, Amazon, etc.