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Eich eyes retirement after long run at Black Bros. 

MENDOTA, IL — After more than 40 years with Black Bros. Co., Northeast Sales Manager Tim Eich is anticipating a well-deserved retirement. Eich started for his hometown company in 1980 as a parts fabricator and has also served as a machine assembler, service technician, and lab manager through the years. He will officially retire on April 6.  


Marge Carson resumes manufacturing

CLARENDON HILLS, Ill. -- Janet Linly, the new owner and chief executive of furniture brand Marge Carson, announced that the company has resumed production and is taking orders under the new name of Marge Carson Global, Inc.  Operating from a 68,000-square-foot production facility in Tijuana, Mexico, the company has re-hired many seasoned Marge Carson craftsmen to manufacture and service its luxury brand, Linly said.

Pricing & Supply

Sawmill curtailments bring increasing lumber prices

Since October 2022, quite a few sawmill operators have taken downtime and curtailments. This is normal for the time of year, as usually lumber demand slows in winter and regular maintenance needs to take place, as well as employee vacation time. Over the past few months there has been perhaps a bit more than the usual reduction of lumber manufacturing volumes, as companies chose to be intentionally proactive against prices falling even further than they already were into the end of last year.