soft maple

Where Does Your Consistency Come From?

I’ve been blessed in my career to have seen literally thousands of sanding processes. This has taught me humility when I first approach a new customer because you never really know what inspired them to do things that, on the outset, seem rather silly and counterproductive.

Hard Maple Cuts Delayed by Cold Weather

With hard maple demands increasing from cabinet and wood component plants,sawmills are delaying those cuts in favor of red oak due to the cold weather across the northern U.S. and Canada. And soft maple shipments tick up.

Soft Maple Is Not Too Soft

Everything I read made silver maple sound like a loser. But when I used it, I found that it planed easily and would come out clean if the grain was straight.

Soft Maple Prices, Up 30 Percent, Will Stay Up

Hardwood Review's Fourth Quarter Species Forecasts soft maple prices to stay high -up almost a third in just under two years - while white oak prices will soften marginally as Asia reduces its buys in the face of Europe's economic troubles.