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Scott Grove
Scott Grove is an art furniture maker, sculptor, and YouTube personality who selectively teaches and lectures, most notably at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking and The Chippendale School of Furniture in Scotland. Visit and/or
As a third-generation artist, Scott Grove designs and creates furniture, sculpture, architectural reproductions, photography, murals, play spaces, interiors, films, and other art using multiple media and many disciplines.
For over thirty years he has developed unconventional methods in his approach; Grove’s large variety of work is known for layers of artistic expression. His pieces are often a combination of uniquely carved textures, radiant veneers and finishes, and found objects. His work creates a desire to touch each piece for a sensuous, pleasurable experience. Sophisticated and elegant with a touch of whimsy, his art raises a sense of wonder and delight.

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Remembrance – A wave to Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle passed away on Saturday, January 20, 2018, from leukemia, and I’ve just returned from an afternoon at his home. He is survived by his wife Nancy Jurs, daughter Alison, son Bryon and two grandchildren. I was returning a collection of personal photographs that I used in a lecture I gave about him and our good friend, Gary Knox Bennett, for a Furniture Society Conference.