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Functional hardware today is ever more responsive, as swinging doors are joined by sliding, lift (flap opening upward) and tambour. Touch-to-open and dampened closing slides are gaining ground, too, accompanied by motorized assists. Heavy-duty drawer slides support the weightiest loads — even on very wide bottomed drawers.

Häfele Slido hardware relies on a track placed atop the cabinet, from which the doors hang. The system can be motorized. Another sliding door hardware line, Frontino, allows doors to pass over each other. Häfele will show its sliding door hardware at KBIS 2014. (800) 423-3531, Hafele.com/us.

Accuride’s 115RC Linear Track System uses 47 in. or 94 in. aluminum tracks with recirculating ball carriages to carry drawer weights up to 265 lbs, depending on how many carriages are employed. Tracks can be trimmed to size or coupled for longer runs. (562) 903-0200, Accuride.com.

The Ferrari Anyway-Clip hinge system allows the hinge to clip in from any angle, rather than having to line up the hinge from the front only. (The mounting plates are symmetrical, so there is no front and back.) It also makes it easier to mount large doors with more hinges. The Anyway-Clip system is available in a variety of opening angles and specialty hinges. (800) 664-4872, FerrariAmerica.com.

Blum’s lift systems comprise Aventos HF for bifold fronts, Aventos HS for large fronts (also with cornice and crown mouldings), Aventos HL to conceal electrical appliances as well as Aventos HK and Aventos HK-S for stay lifts in cabinetry throughout the home. Blum Aventos now offers Tip On touch-to-open.

At KBIS, Blum will introduce the Legrabox, a full extension box system. It features a slim drawer profile thickness of only one half inch (12.8 mm) which is straight on the inside and the outside to maximize the usable interior space of the drawer. Blum also offers Tandem plus Blumotion drawer runners, made at its North Carolina plant, including full extension versions with a lateral stabilizer set aimed at wide drawer applications. (800) 438-6788, Blum.com

At KBIS Grass is showing the Tiomos Impresso, a tool-free version of the Tiomos hinge series. Tiomos is used on standard doors to wide-angle doors, from frameless applications to face-frame applications. It is now offered in a 42mm/45mm boring pattern. The Tiomos Impresso has a three-tiered adjustable soft-close mechanism, concealed in the hinge arm. The closing process is smooth and even, says Grass, from the degree that the Soft-close is activated until the door is completely closed. (800) 334-3512, GrassUSA.com.

Hettich says its ArciTech heavy-duty drawer slides feature a smooth running Actro runner, giving it a smooth, even performance. Catering to loads of 88, 132 and 175 lbs, ArciTech has two side profile heights in silver, white, anthracite and stainless steel as well as six rear-panel heights. For the high-end segment, the range comes with the option of a 5 in. (126mm) side profile height with design side in glass or top side and rear-panel height of 9.8 in. (250 mm). (800) 777-1772, Hettich.com.

Rev-A-Shelf, widely known for its cabinet accessories such as blind corner pull-out tray, has a nifty pair of hinges and tray that converts the blank panel front at the kitchen sink into a small tilt-out drawer for stashing sponges and scrubbers. A stainless version comes with a tray in 10 sizes, from 10 in. to 31 in.

At KBIS, Rev-A-Shelf will introduce European inspired hardware designs. A video (left) previews some of Rev-A-Shelf's new cabinetry accessories. (800) 626-1126, Rev-A-Shelf.com.

FGV hinges (Richelieu carries some models) offers a patented Genios technology with the soft-close dampener hidden not in the hinge arm or hinge box, but in the empty space underneath the mounting plate. Genios is available on Optima Click and on MS Slide-On. (800) 619-5446, Richelieu.com.

Salice’s Logica, the tool-less fixing system, is now available on Silentia hinges Series 100 with the shallow 12mm (1/2 in.) cup. The Logica system was already available on all Series 700 and 200 hinges, both Silentia and conventional versions. (These total 900 versions.) Salice says Silentia is the only complete system on the market that provides a soft-close solution to any door thickness, opening angle and fixing system of the hinge onto the door. (800) 222-9652, SaliceAmerica.com.

Sugatsune’s MultiMo Flat: Multiple Motion Door System is a modular cabinet slide system for flush sliding doors, which open outwards, and can slide in front of other doors in the cabinet. The door position is interchangeable when three or more sets are used in one cabinet. Versions for mirrored or glass panel cabinets are offered, though glass and wood systems can’t be used together, the company says. (800) 562-5267, Sugatsune.com.

DSA side drawers from Vauth-Sagel USA convert small spaces between cabinets into drawers that are open on the side. Designed for 6-in. and 12-in. spaces, the drawer converts gaps in kitchen layouts to cutlery or pan holders. Tool-free assembly makes installs easier. (336) 861-0740, Vauth-Sagel-USA.com.

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