Building a brand and selling your business with Corbin Clay, Part 1

Will Sampson talks about enhancing value in your products and your business. His guest is Corbin Clay, who created a nationally recognized furniture brand while using wood nobody wanted and then sold that company to “retire” when he was only 38 years old. This episode of the Woodworking Network Podcast was sponsored by Wood Pro Expo Florida, being held June 8-10, 2021, at The Palm Beach Convention Center in West Palm Beach, FL.

Automation, opportunities, and jobs, part 2

Will Sampson talks about how important owner energy is to life of a business. He continues his conversation with Kathy and Tony Everett, owners of Millwork on 31st in Charlotte, North Carolina. They went from a successful career in automotive parts manufacturing to buying an architectural millwork firm. They’ve updated the company with automation and lean manufacturing, but what really makes them stand out is their approach to employees.

Just a box? – with Phillip Crabtree

Will Sampson talks about the long-running arguments in woodworking over cabinet construction methods and then talks to Phillip Crabtree, inventor of the patented Cabinotch cabinet construction system, who is relaunching his company back under his own ownership again.

What price safety with Jeffrey Nichols

In this the second of two parts, Will Sampson talks with wood dust fire prevention expert Jeffrey C. Nichols about how spark detection technology actually works to put out fires or explosions before they happen. Will shares his own thoughts on the apparent or imagined conflict in woodworking between safety and production eficiency.