vertical panel saw

Smart vertical panel saw

The EF5 Panel Saw from Safety Speed is designed to be the smartest and safest vertical panel saw in its price range on the market, featuring a brushless controlled motor. The EF5 Vertical Panel Saw enters the market featuring a servo motor and as a continuous usage machine is capable of cutting  up to eight hours daily.  If an operator uses their EF5 machine inappropriately or the machine needs routine maintenance, the motor will shut down and display an error message on the keypad.

Panel Sizing Made Easier

A vertical panel saw can make most jobs from custom closets to applying MDF paneling to a dining room, or trimming replacement doors easier.

Striebig observes vertical panel saw's 50th birthday

LITTAU, SWITZERLAND -- John F. Kennedy was President of the U.S. and Russian Yuri Gagarin was the first person to travel into space when Ludwig Striebig registered his patent for a “Device for cutting major structural plates to size or for cutting sections therefrom” – heralding the birth of the vertical panel saw.
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