NEW MILFORD, Conn. -- Atlantic Machinery has announced it has been named exclusive importer and distributor in North America of GMC SRL of Carpi, Italy. GMC, a second-generation manufacturer in business for over 50 years, designs, manufacturers, and markets a complete line of vertical panel saws for various manufacturing sectors.

They produce one-piece, welded-frame machines (monoblock) for wood, solid surface and composite material applications, all in a variety of manual models, automatic models, and electronic-programmable models.

Cutting capacity ranges from 4 x 8 feet to 7 x 17 feet, with automatic moving grid standard on all models. Options include: a true split scoring blade 110mm in diameter; three types of moveable grids are available; the possibility to use a v-grooving cutter; dual metric and English measurement scales; electronic digital measurement systems for both horizontal and vertical cutting; an electrically controlled MFP grid designed for working with very thin material and/or very small panels that could fall between the conventional horizontal back grid supports. See

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