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Smart vertical panel saw

The EF5 Panel Saw from Safety Speed is designed to be the smartest and safest vertical panel saw in its price range on the market, featuring a brushless controlled motor. Brushless technology has taken the “hand tool industry’ by storm and has recently made its way into everyday machinery. The EF5 Vertical Panel Saw enters the market featuring a servo motor and as a continuous usage machine is capable of cutting  up to eight hours daily.  

Automatically adjusting the speed of the blade based on internal calculations within the motor, the saw maintains the proper speed and torque for cutting jobs successfully, with little effort. The EF5 panel saw ensures the cut quality, and safest cutting operations for businesses cutting different types of material, especially with different thicknesses. If an operator uses their EF5 machine inappropriately or the machine needs routine maintenance, the motor will shut down and display an error message on the keypad. This is easily referenced for solving the issue while also protecting the operator, the motor and other components from more serious problems.  

The motor decreases maintenance requirements and the motor life is extended for several years over a standard, direct current motor by eliminating brushes, while also removing fields and armatures.  It’s engineered with circuitry and less moving components reducing heat buildup in the motor.  The built-in control for the motor monitors speed and torque, helps maintain a constant torque throughout the cutting operation. It is an efficient three phase motor, only requiring single phase input (120 or 220V). Additional metrics tracked within the motor of this vertical panel saw include:

  • Revolutions per minute tracking indicating how fast the blade is spinning as well as a variable speed adjustment
  • Single factor authentication verifying each operator with an individual code
  • Hour tracking of machine usage
Safety Speed EF5 smart vertical panel saw