Panel Processing

Panel Processing

Glue system for edgebanders

Felder says its glueBox for the Format4 tempora F600 60.06 edgebander makes processing of PUR glue easier and effortless. Features include heat and water resistance, a very small glue joint as well as reduced glue consumption. It's ready to use in only 90 seconds and is available in three coiled lengths.

Customizable CNC router

From softwoods to hardwoods and all types of woods in between, AXYZ says there’s no limit to what its Infinite Router can cut. Available in custom lengths from over 50 ft (15m) and up to 12 ft (3m) wide, AXYZ says the CNC router is easily customizable to suit customers' specific needs.

Small-footprint edgebander

Available from Stiles Machinery, the Homag EdgeTeq S-200 series of edgebanders offers a mix of automation and manual adjustments, produces a small footprint, and is customizable with options such as airTec for zero-edge technology. This two-motor end-trimming unit also delivers optimum cutting results and glue joint quality, the company adds.

CNC router with auto tool changer

With the addition of an automatic tool changer, ShopBot says its full-size PRSalpha CNC router becomes a production powerhouse. Adding an ATC reduces production time by automatically changing cutters during tool paths, allowing for the completion of complex projects in a fraction of the time. PRSalpha CNC routers are available in 4’x4’ and 4’x8’ sizes, as well as larger and customizable configurations.

High production CNC machining center

Biesse says its new Rover B FT HD (High Dynamics) CNC router provides top speeds and acceleration in a nesting center. The machine features an extremely rigid structure, boosted twin drives and absolute synchronicity, with a vectorial speed of more than 170 mpm, oversized rack guides and pinions for maximum movements of the X and Y axes, and multi-zone work tables.

Updated T4 CNC routers

NewCNC has announced the updated Talent series of CNC Routers. The Talent T4 includes even more standard features. Clean-sweep technology, auto sheet squaring, as well as “plug in” upgradability to fully Auto Loading – Un Loading (AL-UL), all continue as standard. Added is a newly designed roll around operator control pendant, with updated software. The machine is designed to produce a complete cabinet, with blind dado construction is about 6 minutes. 

5-axis CNC router

Holz-Her says its new gantry console CNC, the Epicon 7235, offers precise and repeatable results to medium to large stair, window, door and panel producers. Features of the five-axis Epicon 7235 include: heavy-duty, precise milling on large workpieces up to 300mm high and 1660mm wide; a precision drill head with an infinitely variable speed of up to 6,250 RPM at full torque; and a state-of-the-art software package. The Epicon 7235 is available with a manual positioning, LED positioning or SynchroDrive table.

Cutting center for combination cabinets

Made with Thermwood's Cut Ready Cut Center, these cabinets are a large single structure comprised of multiple cabinets, all done with no CNC programming. The cabinet combination feature reduces machine time by 25% to 35% and part count by 50% or higher, all without the need for a programmer or expensive design software, the company adds.

Industrial low-angle pocket cutter

The new R2063 from Ritter is the industrial model of the company's two new pocket cutting machines. Features of the router bit-based pocket cutter include: 6° low angle, PLC controlled cycle, adjustable material stops and a cycle time of 1.75-2 seconds. The R2063 three-phase machine carries a spindle motor for heavier use and longevity.

CNC drill & dowel inserting

Available from Akins Machinery, Gannomat Index CNC drill and dowel inserting machines offer fully automatic bore, glue and dowel insertion. The versatile Gannomat Index line – Logic, Trend and Pro – has options including: frame sizes from 27.5 inches to 130 inches, 3-5-7-9 spindle drill heads, vertical and horizontal routers, grooving saws, pocket screw aggregate and multiple inserting stations.