Merged Panel Saw Specialists Offer the Widest Range
November 25, 2013 | 6:32 pm CST

Vertical panel saw specialists Sagetech and Zapkut have merged under the Sagetech name, making their Zapkut and Koolkut saw families the widest single range available of economically priced vertical panel saw solutions.

Merged Panel Saw Specialists Offer the Widest RangeEstablished in 2002, Sagetech focused on intermediate to heavy industrial users with its Koolkut family, while Zapkut, launched in 2006, concentrated on light to intermediate users and those requiring portable cutting solutions. Both companies' saws have proved popular with signmakers, cabinetmakers, timber and plastics traders and various other types of business.

Finding the right saw

Keith Bunker, Managing Director of the merged company, Sagetech Limited, explained the merger. "Different businesses and users have differing needs, in the area of sheet cutting as in other areas. A key challenge faced by anyone considering buying a vertical panel saw has always been identifying the right saw for the needs of the business."

With prices across the vertical panel saw market ranging from hundreds of pounds through to tens of thousands, and capabilities and quality just as variable, that seems a fair point.

Competitive, robust, feature-rich

Keith went on, "Both Sagetech and Zapkut have consistently focused on supplying wall saws which while very competitively priced, are robust, high quality and feature-rich. With the Zapkut and Koolkut saw families complementing one another, it made perfect sense to bring the two together in a single company."

Source: Sagetech

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