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Homebuilders look to create multifunctional spaces

To provide a variety of workspace options into floorplans, homebuilders can be creative by adding offices to accommodate more than one person, showcase flexible spaces that can function as a home office when needed or integrate offices into otherwise unused or underused spaces in homes like niches or extra closets.


Top 7 pantry trends homeowners will pay for

CINCINNATI, Ohio - Up to 75% of homeowners are obsessed with decluttering their kitchen countertops, according to a recent Houzz study. Homeowners are seeking pantry storage solutions to satisfy their desire of an organized kitchen. Pantries are no longer just for storing food items but are serving as multifunctional spaces from prepping food to hosting small appliances.


5 trends driving homeowners to remodel

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Clearing the counter is an obsession for 75 percent of homeowners, according to a recent Houzz survey. This obsession is driving homeowners to remodel their kitchens for a fresh, clean design to ease their organizational woes. 
These five trends are topping the charts as the most common updates in a kitchen.
Simple paint colors
With an emphasis on kitchen organization, homeowners are looking for a clean look by using crisp whites and soft grays.