CINCINNATI, Ohio – Clearing the counter is an obsession for 75 percent of homeowners, according to a recent Houzz survey. This obsession is driving homeowners to remodel their kitchens for a fresh, clean design to ease their organizational woes. 
These five trends are topping the charts as the most common updates in a kitchen.
Simple paint colors
With an emphasis on kitchen organization, homeowners are looking for a clean look by using crisp whites and soft grays. These neutral paint colors add a level of sophistication and just a touch of modern appeal for a stunning kitchen.
Storage accessories
As homes get smaller, homeowners are getting smarter with their storage. According to a recent study by Wakefield Research, 58% of homeowners feel that every item has to be in its proper space to be completely organized. To maximize on the space they have, homeowners are using a variety of storage accessories like turntables, bins, baskets, and pull-outs. These simple solutions are drastically maximizing space while still allowing homeowners to find everything quickly and efficiently.
With new designs available through updated manufacturing techniques, people are choosing to update their kitchen countertops with quartz over granite. The variety of finishes has expanded to more natural stone looks giving quartz a competitive edge. Plus, it’s extremely durable and requires less maintenance than granite.
Adjustable shelving
In addition to organizing accessories, homeowners want the freedom and ability to move and add components so their pantry creates a more functional space. Organized Living says that with freedomRail, homeowners can design a unique and adjustable pantry to suit their ever-changing needs.
Kitchen tech
Kitchen technology is flooding the market and homeowners are eager to get their hands on it. From touch-censored faucets to refrigerators that tell you when your eggs are going bad, there’s something for everyone. Kitchens are getting smarter which is making life easier and allowing homeowners to be more organized.
With homeowners' strong desire to declutter and the search for more storage options across the home, Organized Living says its freedomRail offers the flexibility for homeowners to adjust their shelving and maintain organization in the kitchen. 
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