A need for a workspace or home office is now a new must-have as the need for working and educating at home has elevated.
CINCINNATI, Ohio – Homebuyers are seeking homes that offer flex spaces for versatility and convenience. In fact, according to a Meyer’s research study, 68% of homebuyers want to personalize their home. From home schooling kids to working remotely, homebuyers want the ability to customize the space in their home to accommodate their needs. After spending months in their homes under stay at home orders, homebuyers now more than ever know what their needs are!
A need for a workspace or home office is now a new must-have as the need for working and educating at home has elevated. In fact, one home office may not be enough as homebuyers now need more privacy and personal space for the entire family.
Builders have the opportunity to satisfy homebuyer’s needs by creating multifunctional spaces throughout the homes they build without adding costs or altering floor plans. “Now more than ever, creating flexible spaces and innovative storage opportunities for Signature Homes families tops our priority list and we look to Organized Living for solutions,” said Season Lane, the Creative Development Director at Signature Homes.
Traditional rooms in the home don’t serve the same purpose or have as much value as they once did. Rather than having a formal dining space or living room, builders can reimagine the space for their homebuyers by turning it into an office or workstation.
To provide a variety of workspace options into floorplans, homebuilders can be creative by adding offices to accommodate more than one person, showcase flexible spaces that can function as a home office when needed or integrate offices into otherwise unused or underused spaces in homes like niches or extra closets.
Showcasing the space with adjustable storage will be a win for builders, as homebuyers can visualize the space as their own. The freedomRail adjustable system is perfect for a workstation or home office as the homebuyer can easily move, add, or adjust components to meet their needs and changing lifestyle.
Finding the right storage system to accommodate your homebuyers’ wants and needs doesn’t have to be a challenge. Organized Living offers a full breadth of products that offer the high quality solutions homebuyers are seeking in their home. For more information on products and programs to support builders and make closets easy, visit https://organizedliving.com/builders.

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