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Amazing Japanese Hakone marquetry is mesmerizing

Japan's ancient art of Hakone marquetry is used to provide intricate decorations on wooden boxes and other items. Woodworkers painstakingly cut pieces of different wood species and glue them together to form geometric shapes and patterns. Using only hand tools, they slice off thin sheets from the blocks to be applied like regular veneer to other woodwork projects. This poetic video shows master craftsmen Tanegi and Taneita Zukuri in action making this beautiful marquetry.  

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Is this 20th Century woodworking tool wall case worth $150,000?

M.S. Rau Antiques is selling an antique craftsman's tool cabinet, a "compendium of woodworking tools comprises 210 antique and vintage specimens stored within a marvelous, custom-crafted wall cabinet," as the seller describes it. American and British tool makers are represented in this one-of-a-kind collection, including Stanley, Stormont, Disston, and Sorby Mortise.
The selection includes planes, chisels, and saws, auger bits, squares, and spokeshaves in excellent condition. Each tool has a dedicated place within this multi-layered cabinet.

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Milwaukee's New Pliers Have 5 Trade-Specific Designs

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee continues to rapidly expand its Hand Tool offering with the introduction of 5 new pliers, designed from the ground-up as solutions for trade-specific applications. Of interest to woodworkers: The smooth head of the new 7” Nipping Pliers will not mar finished surfaces during pulling and prying