IWF announces 2018 Challengers Award finalists
Felder Group Format-4 creator 950.

ATLANTA – IWF has announced 23 finalists for the 2018 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award competition.

The purpose of the Challengers Award is to encourage and promote the development of innovative new technology in the field of woodworking machinery, supplies, and services for the furniture, kitchen cabinets, architectural woodwork, store fixture, upholstery, or specialty and general wood product industries.

The finalist judging takes place the day before IWF opens. On that Tuesday, the finalists perform live demonstrations for the panel of judges, who then make their final decisions on the most innovative product developments.

The Challengers Award culminates with a presentation held on the show floor on opening day during which the winners are announced and presented with the bronze sculpture.

Company Name - Entry Name

Aircle Tech, Inc. - QaX Series of LM Systems

Alfatherm S.p.A. - Serica

Axiom Tool Group - Axiom Stratus Air Cleaner

Biesse - Biesse bPad

Cefla North America - J-Print TD with my Texture Technology

Cim-Tech.Com, Inc. - Auto-CIM

Doucet Machineries Inc. - ALYX - Clamp Carrier Automatic Loading

Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc. - EagleEye Talon Vision Saw

Fasco America - Lignoloc Collated Wood Nails

Felder Group USA - Format-4 creator 950

FIAMA/Automation Continuum Inc. - Multi-Function Measurement Display

Hafele America Co. - Hafele ixconnect Spreading Connector SC 8/25

Machine Tool Camp - HARP CNC Machining Center

Padsmore Inc. - Padsmore VM Block

Peak ToolWorks/Frontline Tooling - Endurance Diamond Tooling

Rampa Tec Inc. - Rampa SKD330 Insert

RSA Solutions - Production Coach

SCM - SCM Router with HE-POD Technology

Shaper Origin

Stafast Products, Inc. - Brain Automation Cell

Ventless LLC - Ventless Spray Booth

Weinig/Holz-Her - Weinig ServoLock Tool Wrench

3B S.p.A. - Respet️

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