Wireless controller enhances communication between operator and machine

Offered as an optional accessory for Biesse’s Rover A Smart CNC processing center, the cable-free bPad is a wireless smart controller that is able to reach every part of the machine. Its Wi-Fi control console assists the operator in performing the key functions required during the preparation of the working area, the tooling of the working units, and the tool holder warehouses. Biesse’s bPad is a 2018 IWF Challengers finalist.

Designed to improve the functionality and application of the technology, the bPad boasts a five megapixel onboard camera for enhanced teleservice communication, which supports the delivery of services from a distance using internet-based platforms. The bPad’s camera is also compatible with major barcodes and QR codes formats.


From the bPad, an operator can activate the spindles, position tables and suction cups, position the dust hood, and activate the chip belt conveyor. The machine can also be moved manually with the bPad’s axis jog. The bPad also allows for tools to be manually commanded during loading or unloading operation.

For safety, it features double-handed activation to move the tool changer, and an emergency button ergonomically positioned at the hilt for prompt use. It also features a magnetic pad and hook to easily position the bPad on the machine when both hands are needed and can be placed on the recharging dock when not in use.

The front panel features a 4.3 inch color LCD screen, a four-way pad and function buttons, and two adjustment knobs. The knob on the left is the axis override knob which controls the programmed axis speed. The knob on the right is the spindle override which controls the programmed rotation speed. It also features multizone locking that allows the operator to select different locking areas for loading multiple parts.


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