Aircle Tech's QaX Lidar measurement (LM) systems examine and detect surface feature defects. It is designed to measure moving profiles and shapes at feed rates up to 1000 feet a minute with accuracy down to .0005 inches – all while building reports and tallies. The QaX series is a 2018 IWF Challengers finalist.

The QaX series provides non-contact, high resolution, 3D dimensional detail of fast moving profiles. Each unit in the series utilizes image capture paired with micro line laser image dimension and range (Lidar) interpolation to create a full matrix point cloud of the profile, which is then compared to a teach-in template to measure any deviations that may have occurred.

Profile sections outside of the assigned tolerances trigger a first stage output to announce the deviation and profiles that remain out of tolerance for a defined time or distance trigger a second stage output to initiate operator intervention. The system can identify missing or misaligned features, pits, holes, bumps, cracks, splits, and misshapen form.

The accuracy and usefulness of Lidar garnered awareness after it was used to measure the surface of the moon in the 1971 Apollo 15 mission. Commonly used to make high-resolution maps, Lidar is a surveying method for measuring distance. It achieves this by illuminating a target with pulsed laser light and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor. The differences in laser return times and wavelengths are used to make digital 3-D representations of the target.

The QaX series is available in four measurement heads, all of which include camera & interface computer card, 360 degree adjustable mount, high resolution lenses, laser line modules, adjustable laser mount, camera and power cables, computer with touch screen, measurement software, pendant mount, and UPS and power supplies. Optional swing arms are also available.

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