TORONTO - There's a spray booth on the market that uses 90 percent less air than more traditional booths. And it's recently been named an IWF Challengers Award finalist.
From Canadian spray booth & downdraft table manufacturer Ventless, the Ventless booth features four stages of filtration designed to capture all dust particulates and remove all VOCs from the air - allowing for clean air to return to the booth in a downdraft format.
The booth's patented process conserves energy by eliminating the need for 100% makeup air - preserving indoor heat in winter and cool air in summer. An air curtain blocks dust from entering the booth while in operation, eliminating the need to enclose.
"Why should paint finishers today use grandfather technologies in their day-to-day finishing processes? It makes no sense," says Ventless director Jean Naim. "The future of earth is green, yet our industrial spray finishing processes continue to use the atmosphere as a sewer to dump all VOCs."
"It's ideal for smaller operations," says Naim.
Ventless says its booth requires no stack, no roofing, no air makeup required, no dust, no heat loss and no negative pressure. The booth features gas phase filtration and a VOC scrubber.

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