Grizzly presses direct marketing advantage with no IWF
Grizzly President Robert McCoy says the company is continuing to promote the value offered by the company's popular new CNC router line.

Robert McCoy, president of Grizzly Industrial, said the company will miss the unique value of IWF but is ready to move ahead. “Our focus and strategy has always been direct to consumer,” McCoy said. “So we are well prepared to continue marketing directly to our customers. However, the value of the in-person show and display of products cannot be minimized. Thus, we are creating greater video and photographic content that allows our customers to see every detail of our machinery. We are also ensuring our specifications, descriptions and other marketing assets are as compete as possible so that the consumer can shop with confidence, even without being able to see and touch the machine in person.”

In the wake of the cancelled show, Grizzly is continuing its long history of in-person events at its showrooms. “These draw customers from throughout the US, Canada and Mexico for one-day deals and an opportunity to see our machines up close,”McCoy said. “Additionally, our promotional cadence will continue throughout the summer, fall and Christmas season to ensure we provide our customers with the best opportunity to own a Grizzly machine.”

McCoy highlighted Grizzly’s CNC lineup, which continues to build, with increasing sales. “We will continue to showcase the Grizzly CNC line as it presents the consumer with the most economical, quality options to own a CNC.,” he said.

For shops looking to retool and reshape their production in the wake of the pandemic, McCoy urges people to consider what Grizzly has to offer. “Grizzly has always been, and continues to be, the best value with the most machines under one brand, anywhere,” he said. “This provides opportunity for our customers to get more value for their money, especially during economic uncertainty and retraction. We ship fast, have US-based parts and support, and we have the lowest prices.”



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