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A Cypress Chicken Coop - Designed for the Rustic Haves

A high-end chicken coop (it seems to be in cypress), priced beginning at $5,200, is being sold by Frederik Roijé, a design agency located in Amsterdam. A large version sells for $8,200.Roijé pushes the limits of the chicken coop concept, but the design makes sense - the typical homemade chicken coop is usually slapped together from pine 2 x 4s and 2 x 2s with a lot of chicken wire nailed or stapled to it. That can cause a clash of styles when placed adjacent to a high end home. 


Weekly Watch: Masco Jobs, U.S. Factories, Millennial Woodworkers

This week we're watching the help wanted at Masco, specifically, 17 openings posted at bizjousnals.com for Home Depot and Lowe's field sales representatives, but also internet specialists and Spokes safety manager in Fort Myers, FL, among other job listings. Also on our watch, U.S. factories, which are expanding manufacturing capacity and re-opening mothballed plants in multiple industries, including wood. And what about Millennial woodworkers?


HS Green Cabinets Diversifies Into Pine and Cedar Bee Hives

"As a professional woodworker in the cabinet and moulding business, I have had the pleasure of working with my hands in the wood industry for about 30 years," says HS Green, owner of H.S. Green Construction & Cabinets in Deep Gap, NC. "In 2014 while touring a bee shop, one of my high school classmates said to me, 'If I had your equipment and knowledge I would make my own wooden ware.'"


Pull a String, and Foldable Roll-top Furniture Collapses

We last heard from Jessica Banks when she developed and expanded her line of Float tables and shelves. Her walnut veneered tables composed of a set of boxes, suspended in air by opposing super magnets, but cabled to stay in place, were a revelation.Now she has returned with another fresh take on seating: foldable metal chairs and table with collapsible wood tops.


Google Cardboard: In Walnut and Other Materials

Google Cardboard is a ready-to-assemble device that converts iPhone and other Smart Phones into 3D and Virtual Reality Viewers. The design template and manufacturing specifications are available free from Google, and a number of companies have begun manufacturing it.  Here are some photos of the device, including one by woodworker Glenn Stevens made of walnut.

IWF News

Woodworking Inventors Share Their Strategies: IWF 2014

A rapt audience of woodworkers listened intently – and questioned at length - as a panel of their peers revealed their approaches to developing new products and business opportunities. The full-day session, “Woodworking Inventors,” was one of several Tuesday symposia that heralded the start of the International Woodworking Fair (IWF).