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Jared Patchin started woodworking professionally in 2008 when he set-up J. Alexander Fine Woodworking in Boise, ID, where he builds custom crafted furniture and cabinetry. He started building furniture at the age of seven when his father bought Shutter Crafts. He has developed his craft since then, moving from making wooden swords for himself and his friends to building some of the finest furniture and cabinetry available. He lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two young sons, who have taken over the sword making side of things.

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There are countless articles and books written about the importance of creating and nurturing a distinct culture (or atmosphere) in the workplace. Thankfully, we are lucky to have one of those distinct workplace cultures. In fact, it arose quite organically, with no poking or prodding from yours truly.
Several guys (and the one gal) at the shop are comical by nature, and that side of their personality tends to manifest itself in non-stop puns. Yes, they are as cheesy as you might think, but it never fails to put a smile on my face.

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How to add a walnut live edge to an industrial chest of drawers

Last summer I purchased this industrial chest of drawers at a garage sale for a sweet $20. My original intent was to put it into the backyard shop at my house, since these cabinets are great for storing a huge amount of stuff. After completing our home remodel this spring, we realized we really needed a small table next to the front door to collect everything that one tends to “drop off” when coming home.