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Jared Patchin started woodworking professionally in 2008 when he set-up J. Alexander Fine Woodworking in Boise, ID, where he builds custom crafted furniture and cabinetry. He started building furniture at the age of seven when his father bought Shutter Crafts. He has developed his craft since then, moving from making wooden swords for himself and his friends to building some of the finest furniture and cabinetry available. He lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two young sons, who have taken over the sword making side of things.

The challenges of installing a new CNC router

The CNC arrived from Austria to our shop on January 27th, bright and early. We do not own a forklift, much to the chagrin of my employees, but across the street is an industrial steel plant, and they have been kind enough over the years to unload any machines that we have delivered. Thankfully, the unloading process was uneventful, and within an hour or so we had the machine safely nestled in its final resting place.

Jared Patchin: 10 years of home remodeling, bookcases, desks and closets

My wife and I just wrapped up a huge house remodel that has been ongoing since 2005. I wanted to blog about different aspects of the design and construction of the house remodel itself and about the dozens of little details that go along with a remodel that make a house uniquely yours but before I do here is a look back at what we've done over the last 10 years.

Touring 4 Northwest Pennsylvania lumber mills

Last October I was invited to join my lumber supplier, Intermountain Wood Products, on a tour of four lumber mills in the northwest region of Pennsylvania. The mills, owned by Northwest Hardwoods (NH), Industrial Timber & Lumber (ITL), and Matson Lumber, supply much of the red oak, white oak, cherry, hard maple, and soft maple Intermountain Wood Products sells.

Lowly Hole Saws: Why We Love 'em

f you had to compile a short list of must-have tools to ensure a smooth and painless cabinet install, what would you include? A level? An impact driver? A cordless planer? For me it's the lowly hole saw.

CNC Shopping: Here's How I Narrowed the Choices

The list of CNC machines available to the cabinet shop is quite overwhelming, and more companies seem to be coming into the industry all the time. Spending time on the front end, defining what I needed out of the machine, and setting a budget, allowed me to narrow the field of candidates and focus on fewer machines. Pretty soon you'll learn my final choice.

On the Level: Woodshop Tools Getting Smarter

Last month I had the privilege of flying from my woodshop here in Boise to Milwaukee, for the annual Milwaukee Tool Symposium, where the company debuts many of its new products. The event began with a dinner and an unveiling of never-before-seen tools. On Thursday, all the attendees broke up into smaller groups, and were cycled through eight stations, each showcasing a different category. Check out some of the cool new tools!

How To Restore a Tanker Desk

A year or so ago I became very interested in restoring old vintage items, like tools and furniture, and incorporating salvaged items into some of my custom woodworking projects. The latest project I completed was an All Steel Equipment tanker desk that I purchased at an online auction back in February.