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Recycling lacquer and paint? Yes you can

Buying someone else's recycled lacquer thinner can be a risky bet. But if you control the entire recycle process using your own still, it can be a good idea. Under these circumstances, painters in the shop know what chemicals they are loading into the still; and they know the content of the output after the process is complete

How to restore a tanker desk

A year or so ago I became very interested in restoring old vintage items, like tools and furniture, and incorporating salvaged items into some of my custom woodworking projects. The latest project I completed was an All Steel Equipment tanker desk that I purchased at an online auction back in February.

DeWalt's New Tool Backpack: A Light In The Darkness

For the perfect working setup, you build, you tear down, you move, you shuffle - and then you build again. All for that delicate balance of space and function. It’s a dance, and as soon as you feel you have the steps mastered in the shop, you venture into the field, and that careful planning goes out the window.