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Slicing manufacturing cost with high-shear tooling

Higher quality machining.  Up to 25x longer tool service life.
A large office furniture manufacturer has now implemented Leitz EdgeExpert (high-shear) pre-mill tools on all edgebanders. “We decided to convert all machines to Leitz WhisperCut EdgeExpert tools, based on the exceptional performance and extremely quick recovery of the purchase price.”
A large RTA furniture manufacturer is using high-shear tooling to reduce chipboard core plucking and ensure optimal panel edgeband quality.
By Leitz Tooling

Heating up CNC productivity

As CNC spindle RPMs and processing speeds increase, operators must consider the importance of the link between the machine spindle and the cutting tool. Tool holding is the first point in which deflection and run-out tolerances are introduced and can be tightly controlled.
By Leitz Tooling

Four Tooling Techniques to Improve CNC Router Operation

When selecting CNC tooling, here's one basic rule of thumb: choose the tool that has the shortest overall length possible. This will guarantee that the tool is as rigid possible. Maintaining a level of rigidity ensures the higher performance. Second, adhering to proper collet techniques will safeguard against damaging the tool and shortening its life. Read on for tips on mounting tools and setting rotation direction.