Drawer Systems from Hettich Feature Platform Concept

The efficient platform concept behind the InnoTech and ArciTech double-walled drawer systems guarantees lean production while minimizing the cost and effort involved in manufacturing, stock-keeping and logistics. They also impress with their technology, straightforward installation and adjustment, as well as cleverly devised assembly aids. Although InnoTech and ArciTech are mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom, they are also sparking more and more interest among living-room and bedroom furniture manufacturers. With consumer wishes being so varied, manufacturers are keen to give their furniture marks of distinction. With InnoTech and ArciTech to offer, Hettich has the right drawer system for every taste, every consumer wish and every quality segment. InnoTech The InnoTech drawer system has proven to be a great success on all of the world's markets. Its platform concept provides a cost effective way of giving a distinctive identity to drawers and pullouts of every kind. The use of different runners, from the partial extension runner without soft closing to the full extension version with Silent System or Push to open, as well as various design elements, make it possible to ring the changes in function and design on the basis of one drawer side profile. InnoTech also leaves consumers wanting for nothing in terms of interior organization because it has just the right solution for any application and practical need. The InnoTech partial extension runner is also the gateway to double-walled drawer systems with the option of upgrading to full extension. ArciTech An ArciTech drawer is distinguished by its incredibly smooth running action and exceptional stability. The Actro runner's prism principle gives it impressively smooth, even performance. Catering to loading categories of 40, 60 and 80 kg, ArciTech can cope with any demand. The broad product line-up based on a single platform provides two side profile heights in silver, white, anthracite and stainless steel as well as six rear-panel heights. For the high end segment, the range comes with the option of a 126mm side profile height with Design Side in glass or Top Side and rear-panel height of 250mm. On show at Interzum 2013 were the additions to the interior organizer range as well as an innovative function that combines a mechanical Push to open drawer opening system with the luxurious feel of the soft-closing Silent System. The result: handleless design, standard drawer, no electricity, narrow front panel gap – all combined in one product. Based on the ArciTech platform, purist design ideas for discerning individualists were also on display.
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New Sliding Door Systems from Hettich

What do consumers think of sliding doors and which demands do they place on them? These are the questions at the focus of Hettich's market-research study. It clearly reveals that consumers' specific wishes and needs are the driving force behind the trend towards sliding doors in furniture design. Compared directly with side-mounted doors and flaps, they score in terms of ergonomics, functionality and design. Ergonomics – benefits that come with sliding doors It is in everyday use that sliding doors show the strengths where the majority of consumers give sliding door the upper hand in the ergonomics and convenience stakes. And for good reasons: open sliding doors don't get in the way where space can be at a premium, such as in bedrooms and offices. Doors left open on wall units in kitchens and bathrooms are not likely to leave you injured. Sliding doors demonstrate a further advantage over flaps: they never move out of reach when opened and are always easy to use. Design – creativity with sliding doors Sliding doors are ideal for carrying modern spacious interior design through into furniture because large-surface doors provide the key to creating spaces with purist look while reducing necessary gaps to a minimum. The new InLine range for flush fitting unit fronts meets the most exacting demands on practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. It's the first sliding door system that manages without handles. Doors open in response to a light pull on the door's outermost edge. InLine XL for doors weighing up to 60 kg and InLine S for doors weighing up to 20 kg are ideal for a wide range of applications. As designer-style solutions are in demand whatever the space they are used in, you can now expect to find InLine XL not only in wardrobes but also in pantry units for high-end kitchens. InLine S can be used for much more than just sideboards in living-rooms and offices. InLine S also gives a designer feel to kitchen wall units and mirrored cabinets in the bathroom. Infinitely variable soft-closing force, the option of flush opening doors as well as various adjustment options for perfect gap alignment are just some of the product qualities that make InLine systems a premium product. Introducing SlideLine M, which Hettich now offers as a new single-track sliding door system for ringing the changes between open and closed sections in furniture. The system functions as a practical design element in living-room units, shelf systems, kitchen wall cabinets and bathroom furniture. In virtual silence, SlideLine M lets closefitting sliding door fronts weighing up to 30 kg glide back and forth with effortless ease on furniture of any type. Once furniture is in place, the system can be mounted by just one person on all top panels in standard gauges of 16, 18, 22 and 25 mm. Just one profile can be used for running two doors in front of shelf rows fitted one above the other. Optional soft-closing Silent System is integrated to leave it hidden out of view and the activation point can be positioned wherever chosen. The top-running SysLine S sliding door fitting for inset doors impresses with its smoothly floating action and luxurious ease of movement. Particularly quiet, smooth running performance helps to cut noise levels in the office. This can be optimised further still with the optional Silent System for soft, automatic closure. As the soft-closing mechanism is fully integrated in the runner profile, absolutely no storage space is lost. There are no profiles in the bottom panel either. This helps to provide a neat look and easy access to cabinet contents. Functionality – What good sliding doors need to do Hettich's market study makes a clear statement: When it comes to cabinet doors, it's the practical aspects most users attach importance to, particularly to ease of opening and closing. The benefit of linear movement provided with sliding doors should be combined with low forces needed to open them. Consumers also appreciate the convenience of soft, gentle and silent closing action.  TopLine sliding door systems from Hettich now come with all-new soft-closing units that are perfect matched to the various technical and practical demands on different sliding door units. At gateway level, Hettich now offers the new soft-closing system for TopLine M that's capable of closing doors weighing up to 35 kg both gently and quietly. In future, TopLine L will be available with a newly developed soft-closing unit. Over its predecessor, it leaves no margin of doubt with less opening force, less noise and the option being able to adjust soft-opening force to door weight and preferred closing velocity. Optimizing design, the soft-closing system has also undergone a facelift: reducing the size of casing and minimizing the gap between profile and soft-closing unit have removed the soft-closing system even further from sight. And in future TopLine L will also bring the option of soft closing to all doors on three-door units. The new center-door soft-closing element lets the center door close quietly and gently. The last word in convenience users get from center-door soft-closing is also reflected in the effortless ease with which doors open again.
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Hettich Offers New Products for Healthcare Segment

Besides classic office environments, Hettich is also focusing on new application areas in the healthcare segment, such as in the laboratory and care work, when it comes to refining workplace concepts. More and more office furniture is being designed with large surface sliding doors that make efficient use of space. The broad product line-up from Hettich features SlideLine 55 Plus, a bottom running system as the gateway to sliding door fittings. Geared even more to luxuriously smooth action, the new SysLine S fitting with its top-running system is invisible from the outside and has no profile in the bottom panel to detract from the overall look. The new InLine sliding door system in particular meets the demand on high-quality design. InLine S is used in high-specification offices as well as in the home. Project work and teamwork are on the advance and it's here that bench workstations provide the perfect answer to work organization. Hettich has enhanced the Big [email protected] high-rise pedestal, now combining it with the new LegaDrive lifting-column system as the basis for power assisted height adjustment in desks. The innovation was triggered by the wish on the part of many office furniture manufacturers and users for workstations people can sit and stand at. This growing trend is being accompanied by rising demands on ergonomic, health-enhancing work environments. The LegaDrive system comprises a three-section column with fully integrated drive along with controller and manually operated switch. A further challenge to manufacturers of office furniture lies in zoning open-plan offices. Hettich addresses this aspect with the Catering Caddy and Privat Storage. Storage space is tailored exactly to the communication zones. The increasing need for care, laboratory and dental furniture is reflected in the healthcare range. This is where the focus is on the SysTech drawer system as well as Quadro applications.
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International Design Award 2013

The 9th International Design Award, organised by Hettich and REHAU, focuses on the theme of “Beyond the edge!”. With immediate effect, students can register for the competition at www.internationaldesignaward.com.
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Hettich: Live from IWF 2012

Hettich, based in Kirchlengern, Germany, is a family owned global supplier of functional and decorative hardware for the kitchen cabinet, furniture, and white goods industries.
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Canada's Largest Woodworking Show is Closer Than You Think

What do Boston, Chicago and New York have in common when it comes to important North American woodworking events?Each is closer in distance to Toronto than it is to other wood trade show hot spots Atlanta and Las Vegas.What's more, all three of these famed U.S. cities enjoy non-stop service on upstart Porter Airlines, which flies daily into the Toronto City Centre Airport, a mere kilometer from the Direct Energy Centre, new home to this year's Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo, Canada's largest woodworking event. (For the record, Porter also flies to Toronto from Myrtle Beach, SC, and 11 Canadian cities.)This public service announcement for WMS, October 27-29, 2011, is not meant to discourage American woodworkers from making plans for the 2012 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta or the 2013 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. Indeed, I strongly encourage you to attend as many woodworking events as you can to stay abreast of current technologies and supplies; learn about emerging technologies and industry trends; connect with current and prospective vendors; and network with woodworking peers.WMS provides all of these vital woodworking trade show opportunities in the comfort of downtown Toronto, a North American hub of business affluence and cultural influence. International Supplier ConnectionsIn addition to its close proximity, WMS features an exhibit base with many of the world's most recognized names.On the hardware side, the list includes companies like Blum, Grass, Hettich and Richelieu. Familiar software providers include 20-20 Technologies, Cabinet Pro, Delcam, Planit and Tradesoft. On the board side are Flakeboard, Tafisa and Uniiboard.The Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America is organizing a strong showing of its members at a special products pavilion. More major American machinery companies, such as Thermwood and Timesavers, will be on hand through their Canadian distributor CNC Automation, which will also present Kentwood moulders on behalf of Stiles Machinery and Makor finishing systems, at its booth. CNC Automation plans to use machinery in its booth to manufacture and assemble residential casegoods to benefit Habitat for Humanity.This is just a small representation of the companies that will be represented at WMS; new companies are continuing to contract exhibit space for the three-day show. Biggest Conference in WMS HistoryThe woodworking displays and demonstrations will be augmented by the largest WMS Conference ever. Vance Communications Canada, the show's organizer, is working closely with several important groups to craft a well-rounded and comprehensive educational offering. WMS Conference partners include the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC), Association of Closet and Storage Professionals (ACSP), Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) and Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) at the University of British Columbia. WMS Conference topics range from wood finishing and lean manufacturing to marketing and breaking into new markets. In addition to more traditional conference sessions held in meeting rooms, WMS will feature Wood Tech Summit comprised of live, interactive panel discussions on the show floor. If your woodworking business is in the market for new machines, supplies or ideas that can help it operate more efficiently and profitably, I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider spending a day or two exploring growth opportunities at the Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo.Learn more and register to attend at WoodworkingExpo.ca or contact me at [email protected]; 847-415-8024.   Read more of Rich Christianson's blogs.Guest Blogs WelcomeGot a viewpoint you would like to share with our online woodworking community? Woodworking Network welcomes guest blogs from wood products professionals. Submit your opinions to Rich Christianson, Editor at Large, at [email protected]ing.com