woodworking network September 2015

How to Market Your Wood Products: WOOD 100 Strategies for Success

Doing your homework is key in developing a successful marketing strategy and getting your company’s brand before customers, whether as a franchise or independent firm. Community service efforts, improved digital marketing and participating in TV and local showcases are just some of the ways these wood product manufacturer stay in the forefront of customers’ minds.

Business Strategies for Successful Woodworkers: WOOD 100

There’s no single recipe for developing a sound business plan. Keeping in mind that flexibility is key to formulating a winning strategy, some of the methods put in place by wood products companies include diversification of product lines, outsourcing, and conversely, insourcing. Read more profitable strategies.

Designing a Closet Can be Stress Free

If you want to learn about closet design, or want to become better at closet design, this three-part coaching plus course will make that happen! Learn how to effectively design and utilize closet space for your clients.