Orange, CA -- Drawer Box Specialties (DBS) introduces the Helping Hands Trash Center, an automated recycling/refuse drawer center controlled by micro-chip technology. This revolutionary, ‘hands-free’ drawer system automatically opens and closes the drawer by utilizing various methods of touch and remote frequency activation devices. The Helping Hands Trash Center design is the perfect fit for all types of home décor whether it’s new home construction, clean-room health care facilities, remodeling a kitchen space and other recycling/refuse applications throughout the home. Designed for anyone looking for ease of use, convenience and sanitary trash management disposal as well as for the aging population, special needs and handicapped individuals requiring extra assistance in this area.

Helping Hands automatically opens by using a hidden toe kick under the front of the cabinet and can be programmed to remain in the open position for a predetermined time span and then, automatically closes independently on its own. Additional opening methods are available as options including a touch sensor that is installed on or near the trash center and the drawer is activated simply by touching the sensor. Another method is the infrared remote unit which can be pointed at the drawer and opened by the simple touch of a button. Or, opt for the use of a radio frequency remote which can recognize the frequency from anywhere in the vicinity and the drawer opens by just the touch of a button. All four methods have been developed to give the user the flexibility to choose their most convenient method of use for this very unique, easy to use self opening/closing trash center. The Helping Hands Trash Center uses a standard 110 volt outlet for easy plug-in installation and drawer operation.

DBS Founder and Helping Hands designer Glen Blankenship stated that the product represents over one year of planning and design. “Along with the ease of trash management for everyday users, this product also offers operative usage for many who are limited to drawer access, for what-ever reason, and has made their drawer accessibility needs limitless,” stated Blankenship

The Helping Hands automatic drawer fits perfectly in a base 18 cabinet requiring a minimum of a 15” wide cabinet opening and a 21” height clearance. This recycling/ refuse drawer model includes 2-36 quart removable plastic cans and door kit. Another model includes 2-50 quart plastic cans, door kit and requires a 25” height clearance with the same 15” width opening. Both Helping Hands Trash Center models come in a solid maple dovetail construction as standard with custom materials available upon request and can be ordered with or without finish.

Additional features include an auto-stop safety mechanism which stops the drawer from opening or closing when an obstruction is in the way, moisture resistant melamine bottom protects from moisture absorbency and supports cleanliness, a concealed power unit, a set of over-travel, side mount, ball bearing slides and extremely easy installation with simple to understand instructions all makes the Helping Hands Trash Center a “Must See” at the AWFS Fair 2011.

Drawer Box Specialties (DBS) is the largest custom drawer box manufacturer in North America. With facilities in both Orange, California and Grand Prairie, Texas, Drawer Box Specialties creates drawer boxes for all customers, from small shops to large furniture manufacturers.

AWFS Booth # 1851

SOURCE: Drawer Box Specialties

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