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Exclusive video interview at IWF with Ben Williams of Stiles Digital

Stiles Machinery has been a leading machinery supplier for more than half a century, delivering solutions on how to efficiently produce wood parts and finished goods, and now the company is looking toward new solutions ... digital solutions. Stiles brought a digital experience to IWF. Experts were on hand to show woodworkers the latest software and tech available for the woodworking industry. Customers were albe to explore how Stiles can "help them integrate digital into their operations," said Ben Williams, Stiles' Digital Solutions Sales Manager. 

IWF News

Stiles fires up 60 machines at IWF

Stiles Machinery is showcasing more than 60 machines at this year’s International Woodworking Fair (IWF). The machines, which will be under power and demonstrated at its booth, comprise a range of equipment for myriad industries.