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NeoCon reports 7 percent attendance gain

CHICAGO -- NeoCon has further established itself as the commercial design’s launch pad for ideas and products and annual forum for connecting leaders in the industry. Registered attendance rose 7 percent at the June 12-14, 2017 event over the 2016 edition as the show hit anew record high. The Mart’s continued investments into the building did not go unnoticed as new amenities and modernizations helped complement the overall show experience.

Stool made with own offcuts

Every furniture manufacturer dreams of making products with as little waste as possible. Now a team of South Korean designers has come up with furniture that is made from its own offcuts. Called the Zero Per Stool, it is the brainchild of the Hattern design studio in South Korea, which involves Jank Won, Min-a Kim and Kyungsun Hwang. Legs and braces for the three-legged stool are cut from flat white oak stock, leaving the kind of typical waste one might see in a CNC nest. But rather than discarding that waste, Hattern’s design repurposes it to create the stool’s seat.

Interprint is 'On Focus' with furniture design event

A global design showcase and workshop highlighting key trends and breakthroughs in the industry, Furniture Days recently capped off its successful North American debut. The event was hosted by Interprint, an international decor printer.

Zongkers handcrafted furniture is designed for each customer

Zongkers is a specialty, craftsman-oriented, custom furniture manufacturer. The company distinguishes themselves from other shops by fabricating originally designed furniture, one piece at a time.
Mainly specializing in custom artwork and hand-carvings, marquetry veneer inlays, curved furniture and specialty finishes, the company offers full design services for furniture, kitchens, and casework.