AUSTIN, Texas -- Scandinavian Spaces has introduced the BOB-19 plexiglass divider. The BOB series has expanded to include the plexiglass divider as a reflection of the demands of changing times.

The BOB seating system itself can be reconfigured as it combines 12 different module shapes with built-in connectors, allowing different designs to be achieved. The new plexiglass dividers  can be used for social distancing at work and in public spaces.

BOB-19 is easy to add or remove from between the modules on any new or existing BOB sofa with no disassembly or tools required. The divider can quickly be rearranged into any position, but the designer recommends placing the divider with no fewer than three seats between each divider to provide a safe and comfortable seating experience.

BOB-19 comes in one height and three different widths to accommodate all the BOB modules that are currently available. See

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