Five ways to social distance in your shop

Here are five tips from to help you limit physical interactions in the operation and get back to business.

Go paperless

Social distancing is put in place to avoid physical contacts as much as possible. By eliminating the handling of documents throughout the office and the factory, you avoid contacts and therefore the risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, going paperless will allow you to gain productivity and eliminate errors due to the multiple paper versions of a given project circulating in the factory.

Use a virtual job planning and tracking tool

You have resumed your activities and your production schedule is loaded? You are no longer sure where you are at in the progress of your projects? By using a virtual planning tool, you can easily manage your daily production level from your computer and rebalance the workload as needed. The principle is the same for virtual job tracking tools. You can monitor the status of each project on your screen and make adjustments if necessary. This way, you avoid walking around the plant and having contacts with your colleagues, all while managing your operations more efficiently.

Use a chat tool to communicate between employees

Considering the loud machinery background noise in the factory, it might be a challenge to properly hear what your colleague is telling you if you keep a safe distance of six feet between each other. In order to avoid unnecessary traveling and discussing near each other, why not discuss using a chat tool?

Provide clear instructions to workers

When employees know exactly what to do and when to do it, it not only avoids manufacturing errors that cost time and materials, but also unnecessary discussions and travel that could lead to social distancing rules being violated. Every employee should have at their disposal all the necessary tools to accomplish their tasks.

Equip your team and your plant with protective equipment

To reassure and protect your employees, provide them with protective equipment such as masks and gloves. You can also put stickers on the floor to ensure that the six feet distance is respected.

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