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AWI architectural woodwork producers report higher margins

POTOMAC FALLS, Va. -- Overall business sentiment among the Architectural Woodwork Institute's manufacturing members that make architectural woodwork about the next six months is high (73 percent), according to respondents to AWI's 2017 Cost of Doing Business Survey and Compensation Study (CODBS). The survey was recently completed in electronic format by the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

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PlexiDor Runs Contest for Pet Doors

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors fit into wood and glass doors or walls. Remodeling clients that have one installed can win 1,000 pounds of dog food by sending in a photo.

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The Top 10 States for Woodworking

The votes are in, and the overall top states for doing business are not necessarily the ones where woodworkers tend to congregate. "America's Top States for Business 2015," compiled by CNBC, ranks the best work states, with the top 10 in order of: Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Georgia, North Dakota, Nebraska, Washington, North Carolina and Iowa. But according to recent BLS employment figures, that's not where you'll find the majority of woodworkers, nor the best paying jobs in the field.

Woodworking Industry News

Robinson Lumber Company Names Andy Nuffer as Vice President of Sales

NEW ORLEANS – Robinson Lumber Company, a leading importer/exporter of lumber, decking, and flooring, is proud to announce the hiring of Andy Nuffer as the company’s first Vice President of Sales.Mr. Nuffer will oversee overall sales growth strategy for Robinson Lumber’s expansion. He has over ten years of experience in the industry and has designed and implemented strategic sales, business development and operation planning throughout the industry.

Woodworking Industry News

Franklin Supports Hardwood Forestry Fund Earth Day Project‏

Franklin International, a leading manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, honored Earth Day through a donation to the Hardwood Forestry Fund to cover the cost of 3,500 trees for the Wilds, a private, non-profit conservation center located on nearly 10,000 acres of reclaimed land mined for coal and in rural southeastern Ohio not far from the company’s Columbus, Ohio headquarters.