New Infusion Process Innovates Furniture Production
August 7, 2013 | 2:53 pm CDT
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Innovative technology for infusing architectural elegance to composite panels is being offered by TorZo Surfaces.

Launched in 2008, TorZo is a division of Specialty Polymers, which developed the technology for making acrylic-infused wood and panel products. Specialty Polymers is a family-owned developer and manufacturer of water-based polymers for paints, sealers and adhesives.

At its factory in Woodburn, OR, the company’s proprietary polymer process is infused with composite wood and agricultural panels, including particleboard, MDF, OSB, wheat, hemp and sorghum. The result, the company says, are panels in a “portfolio of pattern and color combinations,” with the additional benefits of increased hardness and durability.

For example, says TorZo’s Jeff Southwell, the hardness on an infused FSI rated NAUF OSB panel rose from 800 pounds on a Janka ball test to 4,600 pounds. The increased durability, he adds, makes TorZo products ideal for both horizontal and vertical commercial applications, including those in the healthcare, educational, retail, hospitality and flooring markets. And because the product is infused as opposed to an overlay, the color is throughout. This makes it ideal for machining and fabricating, Southwell says.

TorZo’s wood-based panel lines, Indure and Parda (recycled wood fiber), and Orient (recycled wood chips), are available in four standard and four premium colors: Cocoa, Copper, Natural and Onyx are standard, with Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire and Turquoise available as premium color options.

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