Rotpunkt reveals the latest kitchen style trends

The very best home interior trends need to deliver on form, fit and function, which is why Rotpunkt Kuchen is excited to reveal the latest need-to-know style trends for the contemporary kitchen in 2024

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt says, “We have identified experimental kitchen design as one of the biggest interior trends in 2024, as consumers want the freedom to make original product choices and zero-in on an eclectic mix of contemporary materials and custom design elements. In design right now, rich cultural influences from around the world continue to inspire the latest materials, colors and shapes and it is these developments, which are helping to create kitchen interiors with deeper meaning.”

Walnut is predicted to be the most popular wood of choice next year, as darker wood species are primed to add sophistication and warmth into the kitchen 

DARK WOOD: Darker woods like walnut are set to promote the luxurious qualities of nature. This popular hardwood is available in solid walnut or textured laminate, and will be closely followed by new variations of black and brown timber, which is helping to reimagine last year’s staple of oak in the 2024 kitchen.

RAW TEXTURES: Personal expression has never been more important with beautifully curated homes, which are modern and designed to serve individual needs and style choices. In 2024, sleek kitchen furniture will become less predictable thanks to a new affinity for quality raw materials that contrast or balance an overall scheme with textured stone, wood finishes and vertical groove furniture topping the charts.  

ORGANIC TONES: With hints of dark midnight blue and olive green through to soft neutrals in beige and taupe, and every shade of light and dark grey, the expression of color will strike an organic tone next year. And for the height of contrast, every piece of kitchen furniture will celebrate the finer details with metal design elements in gold, smoked bronze, brass, steel and satin black being utilized to full effect.

Matte finishes in contemporary colors will hit in 2024, with neutral tones coming to the fore that emulate the majestic beauty found in nature.

“As today’s lifestyle also wants to embrace the connection between the natural world and modern architecture,” Phillips says, “we anticipate greater sensitivity when it comes to material selection – from greener furniture, worktops and wall solutions through to contemporary color palettes, quality raw materials, and statement hardware and lighting.”

HERO HARDWARE: Speaking of the finer details, the kitchen handle will be defined by a series of signature design features next year with highly distinguishable hardware being paired with the very latest kitchen sinks, taps, and light fittings in complementary finishes. Creating the right mood will also be a key feature of the contemporary kitchen, with discreet profile lighting, illuminated wall solutions and in-cabinet lighting helping to add ambience, as well as create and highlight dedicated zones and select pieces of furniture.

Black and brass will continue to be the finish of choice, with linear shapes and T-bar designs embracing the industrial style knurled pattern

GREENER LIVING: Learning about everything from construction to logistics has now become part of the customer journey, as future interior trends predict a growing investment in clear conscience design that benefits both home and lifestyle. Whether that be sourcing and production, through to packaging and delivery, shopping with a conscience has become the norm for many homeowners and next year will become an integral part of the design conversation. Some of the best climate friendly kitchen solutions in 2024 will feature a range of ideas including furniture made of recycled materials, indoor herb gardens, better air quality, and smart home systems that help to conserve energy through energy-efficient lighting or range of smart appliances - from smart kitchen ovens and dishwashers to the latest coffee makers and even a talking fridge.

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