Rotpunkt, the manufacturer of German kitchen cabinets, is rolling out expansion plans in 2021 with a three-year plan to boost manufacturing and training capabilities at its headquarters in Bunde, Germany. 

Matt Phillips, head of U.K. Operations at Rotpunkt, said, “We are keen to keep moving forward to celebrate our centenary in business in 2030, with a multi-million euro investment in our site at Bunde which will increase the size of the factory and create a new showroom and training center, so that we can display the full variety of our extensive product range.

“We are also enhancing C-parts production at our plant at Getmold. We want to ensure that our workforce has state-of-the-art equipment which is above and beyond the recommended safety requirements.”

The company has invested in wearable tech and equipped its dispatch team with exoskeletons to support them during their most physically demanding tasks. Rotpunkt is also committed to growing automated and manual capabilities in tandem.

The majority of Rotpunkt’s production is exported from the company’s headquarters in Germany, with international sales representing around 80 percent of revenue. Going into 2021, Rotpunkt will be offering a new collection of furniture and new storage products to optimize space and highlight the kitchen’s central place in the home.

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