Rotpunkt, designers and manufacturers of German kitchen cabinets, is using raw materials to modernize the kitchen and create a sustainable environment with the launch of Ceramica, a new kitchen door range designed with 3mm ceramic finish and a small black aluminum frame, light gray (Grey Rock) and dark gray (Black Rock) finishes available.

The new Ceramica door range by Rotpunkt is made using a 16mm panel finished with a 3mm layer of natural ceramic stone. Designed with a black aluminum frame that works in combination with a chamfered edge, this new earthen door design not only provides added strength but also protects the furniture against damage.

Available with choice of handleless or push-to-open door, Rotpunkt is able to provide an ergonomic approach to space planning with the addition of G91, a new 910mm height. Previously only available across handled kitchen designs, the new 910mm high base units are combined with a 50mm plinth and 20mm slim line worktop, which creates a handleless kitchen with ergonomic working height of 980mm total.

Behind the 650mm deep central island unit is a one-piece, full height ceramic door that despite being stone, is extremely lightweight and measures the maximum height of 1812mm. Working in combination with the tall wall units and central island is a slim-line 30mm TopMatch worktops by Rotpunkt, also shown in the very same Ceramica Grey Rock.

The new Ceramica kitchen is designed to be sustainable and embrace industrial-style kitchen design.

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