Rotpunkt outlines Europe 2021 kitchen trends

Rotpunkt, designer and manufacturer of German kitchen cabinets, has revealed the latest trends in kitchen design in 2021.

Head of United Kingdom operations at Rotpunkt, Matt Phillips, said, “As we look to next year and continue to adapt and change our relationship with the home, I believe the kitchen will remain a key focus for the modern homeowner and hybrid kitchen design is going to be huge in 2021, able to support contemporary lifestyles, which has become increasingly home-centered.

Rotpunkt has provided this comprehensive range of new kitchen designs and innovations in 2021. Phillips outlines what trends can be expected next year.

--Canopy-style storage systems are predicted as the go-to architectural statement next year, helping homeowners optimize their kitchen space by making use of the floors, walls and ceiling. Top products will include innovative hanging storage suspended from the ceiling, which will add architectural detail, as well as extra shelving space and new planning options for the central island unit and built-in extractor systems.

--The use of color is restrained and purposeful in 2020, with color and material being used to create a contrast effect between two opposing finishes like a planked raw timber set against coal black furniture. Sophisticated and sharp, kitchen furniture that is rich in contrast will help to define the contemporary kitchen next year and create a more liveable aesthetic if working open-plan. Rotpunkt expects to see more use of different shades of black, gray and authentic wood.

--If 2020 has shown anything, blended living has become second nature in the home and next year interior trends will continue to embrace the kitchen and living area becoming one complete space. Industry forecasts indicate that versatile pieces of furniture that bring comfort and create a more flexible home environment will top the charts like glass storage units with integrated smart lighting, wall and ceiling storage systems through to all-inclusive islands with space to cook, dine and do business.

--Influenced by the structural shapes and clean lines of the 1980s, look out for geometric, block-style furniture. If well-planned, the furniture will make a feature of horizontal and vertical lines, which can also be used to visually expand the height and/or width of the kitchen space. Linear profiles will play an important role in 2021, and this will influence furniture with special design elements like notched cabinets, flush-fitting plinths, custom panelling and statement gable ends. 

--Rotpunkt’s research shows that eco-credentials continue to be a growing concern, with many considering the manufacture, design and delivery of a product before purchasing. Second generation materials that are recycled or imitation from concept are providing a great alternative for achieving the latest kitchen designs without harming the environment. Laminate surfaces are perfect for this, with metal and timber effects becoming the most versatile options when going green next year.


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