One-size-fits-all, portable air filtration lasts 15 times longer
July 12, 2018 | 10:56 am CDT

With traditional overhead filtration, dust is pulled upward past an operator’s nose and mouth while it circulates in the shop before being filtered, which can cause serious health concerns.

Axiom Tool Group says its new, innovative Stratus Air Cleaner eliminates this problem by utilizing source capture technology, which pulls the dust downward toward the floor where the dust naturally wants to fall. Once filtered, the Stratus propels clean air upward into the shop. The Axiom Stratus Air Cleaner was a 2018 IWF Challengers finalist

The company says the Stratus’ air filtration system can run approximately 15 times longer than with the present filtration technology. By extending the service interval for cleaning or replacing filters, the Stratus Air offers significant cost savings over the traditional ambient air cleaners.

Instead of the paper-pleated furnace filter used in current ambient air cleaners, the Stratus features a cylindrical-pleated canister air filter that can be accessed with a twist-and-lift maneuver. The canister air filter has a surface area of nearly 9,000 square inches allowing for opportunities to increase and maintain air flow. It also includes a half-inch thick open-cell foam pre-filter, which can be cleaned with a vacuum, with air, or with water.


Traditional overhead units come in different sizes based on cubic feet of airspace in a given workshop, but with the Stratus’ one-size-fits-all design, the company says it works right where the action is. With a single button, the operator can turn the unit on; change the setting to low, medium, or high; and turn the unit off.

For portability, the Stratus Air is floor-standing and engineered with a large, polyethylene base allowing the unit to be slid across a shop floor, even on wood or concrete. It also features a 360 degree handle and a 16 foot power cord to ensure that it can be moved to where it is needed in the shop.

Shipped fully assembled, the Stratus Air is available in two models, the Stratus and the Stratus Pro. The Stratus features a powder coated steel body and the pleated canister filter while the Stratus Pro features a stainless steel body and active charcoal filter for more challenging applications beyond the woodworking space.

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