Holz-Her premium edgebanders now feature fully automatic multiple tool technology that allows profiles to be changed at the push of a button, without opening the machine hood. 

This technology, a 2016 IWF Challengers semi-finalist, includes multi-profile tooling and automatic tool changing attachments, which now come standard on Holz-Her’s Accura 1554 and Lumina 1586 Premium edgebanders. Tooling, co-developed by Holz-Her and Leitz, includes everything from cutter units to shaping cutters to radius scrapers. 

Other premium edgebander enhancements include:

Twenty servo-axes provide complete automation on new processing units. This allows full profile changes – with various radiuses, bevels and flushing cutting – to occur without setup work. The top/bottom trim unit has a multiple stage diamond tool for flush cutting up to 8 mm, as well as 3 different radii and 45-degree bevel. The intelligent diamond turret tool changer has different profile cutter heads for the corner-rounding unit. From Leitz, this tool - called QuattroForm - is a gear-driven, multi-radius, diamond-coated edgebander tool that provides four tools in a single unit. It's also a 2016 IWF Challengers Award semi-finalist. 

A multi-function radius profile scraper unit includes an automatic 5-section revolving tool magazine for five different standard carbide scraping tools. Also incorporated is digital NC servo-technology for the positioning drives, which feature an accuracy of 5/1,000 mm. Holz-Her says that a clearance-free mechanism now included virtually eliminates inaccuracies resulting from mechanical spindle play.

All attachments are equipped with shock-absorbing bearings suitable for high speed operation up to 25 m/min.

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