Tips for Cutting Tool OptimizationUse Accurate Tool Holding Systems

In order to optimize precision cutting tools for woodworking and other machining processes, it is critical that the tools are held accurately.

Traditional mechanical collet systems are sufficient for short term, but better options exist that will help improve tool performance. Collets are designed to run up to 800 hours on average and will stretch and wear. To maintain accuracy, they must be cleaned regularly and changed at the recommended time.

Other tool holding options such as shrink fit or hydraulic have proven to outperform mechanical collets. These holding systems allow operators to increase feed rates and improve tool life, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

Shrink fit systems achieve extreme accuracy by utilizing expansion and contraction to clamp the tool. Specialized machinery is required to install and remove tools, which makes this system best suited to diamond and solid carbide insert tools that remain in the holder for a prolonged period of time.

Hydraulic tool holders utilize hydraulic pressure in a chamber surrounding the tool shank to create clamping pressure that can be quickly applied or released. This system is best suited to solid carbide tooling, which requires frequent tool changes.

Tips for Cutting Tool OptimizationUse an Integrated Tool Body System

Tool manufacturers can produce tool holders and tools as one integrated unit. Tools can be installed directly to the machine spindle without connection from holder to tool. As a result, maximum balance, centricity and rigidity are achieved.

This system is best suited to large profile tooling in solid carbide insert or polycrystalline diamond (PCD). Solid carbide inserts can be replaced without removing tools from their holder, and PCD tools can be serviced directly on the holder, therefore the need for removable tools is no longer necessary.

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