Designers are able to style and create their own cutting patterns with laser cutters. While easier to operate than CNC routers, laser cutters are also limited in cutting angles and patterns. Still, designers are attracted to the growing capabilities of laser cutters, and their increasing dimensional capabilities. A recently development is a laser cutter and etcher that can accommodate large objects - including a coffin.


Gantry Laser Cutter Accepts Large Workpieces

AP Lazer says its large format laser utter will open new markets for the techology.

A good example is a cabinet line by High Point, North Carolina designer MrBrown London, which interprets classic marquetry patterns in oak or ash using a patchwork of positive and negative space, with fretwork carving left open, or backed with an aged mirror for concealed storage. The cabinet is set on a simple Aged Brass frame. Cut-out panels in the back make cord management easy. The cabinet is 75 inches wide.

A related design  by MrBrown London is the Tito Tall Cabinet. In both offerings the cabinets can be done in oak or ash. Finished versions offered are Nimbus Grey Oak with or without Aged Mirror Panels; and Black Limed Ash with or without Aged Mirror Panels.



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