Every time I open my inbox or a magazine someone is claiming they have the color of the year. From paint companies and interior decorators to magazines and other media etc., they are announcing a new color of the year. Sometimes the colors are similar like Navy and Cadet Blue or Mushroom, Taupe and Ecru, and I won’t even start discussing the million shades of grey. 
Laurel Didier
What’s behind the color trends? Is it a marketing ploy to get us to buy paint or is it something deeper? Are we bored and looking for something we can control, like color? I believe it’s a combination of both. Our desire to control, to be trendy or to seek calm in a beautiful palette of color makes us easy marks for paint companies to recycle the same colors under different names. However, I am a color lover and I am one of those people who finds joy in a bold splash of color. 
So today, I salute the paint companies who work tirelessly tweaking white to be snow or grey to be stormy. Keep up the good work and keep the colors coming!

Cleaning up the clutter

Spring is the season most home renovation projects ramp up, and home organization projects are at the top of the list. With built-ins and open shelving, glass barn doors, it is even more critical for homeowners to embrace the concept of home organization and NO CLUTTER. And, what’s more is that Millennials and Gen X groups are shaming their Baby Boomer parents into excepting simplicity and getting rid of all the trinkets we thought provided character to our homes. 
So, organizers grab your iPads and lead the charge to make the world less cluttered. We all can use a bit of control these days.

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