There's no excuse for not selling more cabinet jobs
Ultimate Cabinet Components uses the Lockdowel system for assembling frameless cabinetry.
To be successful, you have to have a laid-out process for your cabinet company to make sales. I’ve written about the idea of a sales funnel which consistently brings you new leads in the top and pours out new customers from the bottom. What we’ve learned is that sales is a continuous process. It’s not simply something that we do sporadically when we think that we need work. Another idea that we have explored is how Ultimate Cabinet Components can provide manufacturing stability through increasing your capacity with no capital investment.
Outsourcing increases sales
These ideas end with a specific call to action. There is no reason in today’s day and age, with outsourcing being as easy as it is, that you shouldn’t be taking advantage. With a few clicks you can order cabinet boxes online, or find resources that make it more efficient and easy to do our jobs. There’s just no excuse to have a hold up on your cabinet sales.
By following some of the simple steps of continuously interacting and communicating with your potential customers in order to close sales, you are going to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. The majority of salespeople do not interact with their customers in a way that presents a partnership. There is never a win/win situation for the customer. Generally, it just involves a price and a schedule and that’s the end game.
How many more sales would you be able to get if you could increase your capacity by 50 percent with no additional capital investment into your business?
I bet the answer would be very staggering.
If you had nothing but more time to sell and create your own sales funnel process where you were converting leads into customers with no worries about manufacturing strain, you could easily get your product out the doors. Outsourcing has never been easier or quicker. With the ease of shipping it has never been more accessible than it is right now. Ask yourself that question “How much more sales could I close on, if I didn’t have to worry about capacity constraints?”
For most cabinet shops, capacity is the thing blocking an increase in sales. However, if they were able to outsource some or most of their manufacturing production, then some if not all of their effort could be put into doubling their business through sales.
The outsourcing challenge
I challenge you as a business owner to try and outsource 10 percent to 20 percent of your products. Visually gauge how you would go through this process. How easy would it be to order, receive, and assemble the cabinets. See if this would be a fit for your company and put some numbers to this process. Would it work for more of your business?
In other words, if you release some of the manufacturing strain and only had to receive the cabinet box components and assemble them on site, it should make your process much easier and at the end of the day it would reduce your risk and cost by a substantial amount. This would open up the doors for you to have time to sell more cabinets.

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