LAS VEGAS – The winners of the 2017 AWFS Fair Visionary New Product Awards and showcase were selected from 33 finalist products from 27 companies. 

This year, a new category, Industry 4.0, was added in addition to 9 other product categories including: Machinery Over $50,000; Machinery Under $50,000; Power Tools; Hardware; Components; Tooling; Software; Raw Materials; and Plastics Machinery/Supplies.

The winners were announced Friday, July 21 at the AWFS Fair Stage.


Osync Machine Analytics v2.0

Category: Industry 4.0

Sub-Category: Product Innovation

By allowing for mobile functionality, Osync avoids the need to sit in front of a computer for long hours and monitor CNC machine operations.
C.R. Onsrud describes Osync as another step in the Industry 4.0 movement to automation. Competing in the global marketplace, companies have to find ways to streamline their operations – and Osync gives production managers real-time monitoring for their C.R. Onsrud CNC machinery.  
Having continual feedback allows minor adjustments to be made to shave precious seconds off of run times, maximize cutting performance and the added benefit of the C.R. Onsrud service and support team being plugged in for remote monitoring of machine functions off-site.

CR Onsrud

Booth 4818


Durr Ready2spray PAINT ROBOT

Category: Machinery Over $50,000

Sub-Category: Product Innovation

Durr's Ready2spray compact painting robot is designed for the wood, plastics, and metal industries.
The painting robot system consists of a small six-axis robot equipped with high-end paint application technology. The system is completed and pre-commissioned by Dürr at its manufacturing plant, making it "ready2spray" upon arrival at a customer's site. The technology is available in different configurations and is tailored to individual customers.

Enhancement Technologies

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Apollo TrueHVLP™ PRECISION-6 Turbo Paint Spray System

Category: Power Tools

Sub-Category: Product Innovation

The Apollo Precision-6 TrueHVLP Turbo Paint Spray System is for spraying higher viscosity paints, coatings and production speeds.
John Darroch, CEO says “The PRECISION-6 provides the ultimate in TrueHVLP power/pressure using patented Power Boost Technology (PBT)”, Darroch continues, “This provides the highest available output pressure (30% more PSI than a 5-stage) for the widest range of paints and coatings with pressure settings for low viscosity stains to high viscosity paints and specialty coatings without sacrificing atomization quality or production speed."

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.

Booth 4561


Oneida Air Systems' Universal Dust-Free Router Hood

Category: Other

Sub-Category: Product Innovation

Oneida Air says its Universal Dust-Free Router Hood New fits almost any fixed-base and plunge routers, collecting waste at the source and eliminating post-project cleanup. The Hood includes two lower chip covers for deep and shallow router bits. 

Oneida Air Systems

Booth 10104


SCM Lean Robot Cell

Category: Industry 4.0

Sub-Category: Product Innovation

SCM's Lean Robot Cell's rapid case design, machining and assembly is now a possibility not only in the design and CAD software, but for manufacturing through robotic automation.


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Leitz BrillianceCut Circular Saw Blade

Category: Tooling

Sub-Category: Product Innovation

Leitz BrillianceCut Circular Saw Blade features a finish cut quality in acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate materials; a saw body with filled laser ornaments for increased running smoothness and stability; innovative tooth geometry and nick-free edges.

Leitz Tooling Systems

Booth 4863


LT-2D3D-C Laser Templator

Category: Machinery Under $50,000

Sub-Category: Productivity

LT-2D3D laser templater measures an area, then exports directly to Cabinet Vision, 2020, Microvellum, and ProKitchen design applications. It interfaces to the Mirosoft Surface laptop. 

Laser Products Industries

Booth 8874

Shaper Origin

Category: Power Tools

Sub-Category: Product Innovation

The Shaper Origin, a hand-held router is steered by a smart-phone sized guidance system. The user guides the router's cursor within a general guide shown on the display, and the system keeps the cutting head precisely on track, cutting even and consistent curves, engraving patterns and logos, and executing other cuts. 

Shaper Tools, Inc.

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