Apollo launches Precision 6 TrueHVLP
May 17, 2017 | 3:04 pm CDT

VISTA, Calif. -  Apollo Sprayers International, Inc., a USA based leader in the manufacturing of HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) products for spray finishing, announced they have released the all NEW PRECISION-6 TrueHVLP Turbo Paint Spray System for spraying higher viscosity paints, coatings and production speeds.
John Darroch, CEO says “The PRECISION-6 provides the ultimate in TrueHVLP power/pressure using patented (U.S. Patent 9,599,117 B2) Power Boost Technology (PBT™)”. Darroch continues, “This provides the highest available output pressure (30% more PSI than a 5-stage) for the widest range of paints and coatings with pressure settings for low viscosity stains to high viscosity paints and specialty coatings without sacrificing atomization quality or production speed”.  
The key benefits of the PRECISION-6 are the lowest overspray with 80+% or better transfer efficiency, simplicity of use and easy cleanup and maintenance. The PRECISION-6 closes the gap between air assisted airless technology and TrueHVLP Turbo Spray Technology. In addition, our performance technology provides motor longevity for years of production use.
Tom Dean, Lead engineer says, “The PRECISION-6 is available in 240 volts for fixed base spray booth operation, cup gun or production systems with pressure pots and nozzle, needle and air cap options from .5mm – 2.5mm”.

PRECISION-6 Woodworking Advantages
•    REFINED ENGINEERING - Apollo has optimized the performance of the NEW PRECISION-6 Turbo Spray system to deliver exceptional production output.

•    PRECISION - Apollo's Pressure Control System (PCS™) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage while adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure thus assuring continuous, precise atomizing pressure wherever you are.

•    POWER & PROFITABILITY - Documented 80+% transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coatings when compared with compressed air systems.

o    Throttle Back Control (TCB™) - Permits highest available flow pressure and increased motor longevity
o    LCD Message Center - Accurate Pressure Display – Motor Idle – Temperature and an Hour Use Meter

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